I’am the portfolio of Kadek Kirana, please kindly get to know me. Cheers!

My first design was the Logotype and Illustration for group music in Bali, i was very excited because i got a privilege for doing what i love, it’s not about how we make the design but it’s all about how we create the story and philosophy behind the design, that’s why i still learning about how to create a good design to corresponding with the function, and also i try to make a modern and creative design from based my experiences.

My name is Kadek Intan Kirana Sari, i’am a student of Graphic Design. I really love Design when i was junior high school and also i like to create something new because every design has many story. Good Design can change everything.

Bali, ID


Logo Personal Branding

The logo personal branding inspired from Cactus and Dot, because cactus representation from Flexible and the Dot means the new of Beginning.

Logo personal branding were completed with super graphic elements to combine the content and the Logo.

Allien Child

Alien Child is the group music from Bali, the genre of the song is Folktronica and RnB, the logo personal are so related with their music. The logo is inspired from the futuristic music and things like Robots.


Pengantar Design Komunikasi Visual

this Book Cover Design is introducing Graphic Design Book to knowing extensively, this illustration has two differences side and representation how the world has any perspective, and combine with flat illustration style.

The illustration has 2 sides differences, when you rotate the book for 90 degree, we can see another perspective from the illustration-which mean, the world are so big and we can learn from any perspective to see the world.

Kulit Kera Piduka

Kulit Kera Piduka (english: Piduka’s Monkey Skin) is the novel tells about the monkey has a magical power for helping the people. The story are based from Balinese Myths.

The Illustration were collaboration with the Artist named Kuncir Satya Viku, with Balinese Illustration style called Rerajahan. in Bali, Rerajahan are using for Hindu’s Ceremony Traditions.


The Ainu or the Aynu, also known as the Ezo in the historical Japanese texts, are an East Asian ethnic group indigenous to Japan.

This book is for children that tells the story about Ainu’s persuasion of the Bear that representation of God.

Rosetta Wedding Illustration

The Wedding can be more joyfull and beauty when they combine with a lot of elements.

The meaning from the leafs is Calming the situation which means the euphoria will be more pretty, and the watercolor are represented concatenate the brides.

Both of the elements are connected from each other, that makes the illustration more lively.